Mediator complex structural milestones (1999-2019)

I recently wrote a review to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first Mediator complex EM reconstruction. This blog post is an update with clickable links (links to the papers and to the PDB/EMDB codes).



First 2D EM projection of yeast Mediator complex ~ 40Å Asturias et al Science 1999


3D EM low resolution (30-35 Å) of yMED, mMED and hMED Dotson et al PNAS 2000


EM analysis of hMED reveals distinct conformations induced by different activators Taatjes et al Science 2002 Näär et al Genes & Dev. 2002

3D EM reconstruction of yeast holoenzyme (Mediator + RNA pol II) ~ 35 Å Davies et al Mol Cell 2002


First crystal structure of yMED subcomplex Sc 7C/21 – 3 Å (Middle module) Baumli et al JBC 2005 PDB 1YKH



First crystal structure of yMED subcomplex Sc 8C/18/20 – 2.7 Å (Head module) Larivière et al NSMB 2006 PDB 2HZS


Crystal structure of yMED Sc Head Module (Med6/Med8/Med11/Med17/Med18/Med20/Med22) – 4.3 Å Imasaki et al Nature 2011 PDB 3RJ1


Crystal structure of yMED Sp Head Module (Med6/Med8/Med11/Med17/Med18/Med20/Med22) – 3.4 Å Larivière et al Nature 2012 PDB 4H63


CryoEM structure of yeast CDK8 kinase module ~ 15 Å Tsai et al NSMB 2013 EMD 5588


CryoEM structure of yMED at 18 Å and EM of hMED at 30 Å Tsai et al Cell 2014 EMD 2634 EMD 2635

Reconstitution of a functional 15-subunit human core Mediator Cevher et al NSMB 2014


3D model of full yMED by integrative modeling approach Robinson et al eLife 2015

CryoEM structure of 15-subunit core Mediator + RNA pol II 9.7 Å Plaschka et al Nature 2015 EMD 2786 PDB 4V1O


CryoEM structure of a complete yMED-PIC at 21.9 Å Robinson et al Cell 2016 EMD 8308


CryoEM structure of SpMED at 4.4 Å and of SpMED-RNA pol II at 7.8 Å Tsai et al Nature 2017 EMD 8479 PDB 5U0P

Crystal structure of SpMED at 3.4 Å Nosawa et al Nature 2017 PDB 5N9J

CryoEM structure of core ScMED-PIC (46 polypetides including TFIIH) at 5.8 Å Schilbach et al Nature 2017 EMD 3850 PDB 5OQM


Crystal structure of human Mediator subunit MED23 (Tail subunit) at 2.8 Å Monté et al Nat Comms 2018 PDB 6H02


CryoEM of hMED at ~ 6 Å El Khattabi et al Cell 2019 EMD 20393

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